ISCO Group today

ISCO Group is an international company specializing in the design and construction of high-tech food production facilities.
ISCO Group was founded in 1999 to promote Israeli companies and their products on the international market.

Currently, the ISCO Group Holding includes departments and subsidiaries engaged in the following areas:

  • Development and production of technological equipment for the food industry.
  • Development of an innovative technology for the production of pectin and some types of biologically active additives (BAA).
  • Launch of the production of industrial lines for the production of highly purified and modified pectin without the use of chemicals, using ultrasonic cavitation technology.
  • Soybean Deep Processing
  • Soy isolated protein
  • Inulin production
  • Anthocyanin production
  • Tannin production
  • Deep Processing Pomegranate
  • Getting Cannabinoids
  • Development and implementation of artificial intelligence systems for production management.

Our approach

The ISCO Group approach is never “one size fits all”. We always tailor our proven formula for success to local realities: climate, legislation, site characteristics, available resources, and even local mentality, all to best meet client needs and realize full local potential.
While working on our customized solutions, we never let external factors affect the quality and efficiency of our projects, so if we encounter any problem, we build our own technological know-how or collaborate with the best professionals in the field.
In fact, we love challenges because they often catalyze breakthrough innovation.
Today, our own developments range from environmental construction solutions to high-tech inventions, such as integrated AI smart data monitoring technology and real-time big data analysis to minimize human error, increase productivity, save costs, reduce water consumption, reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Partnership benefits

Today ISCO Group develops and launches major international projects in all areas of agriculture.

Full responsibility for seamless integration

each stage of project development from feasibility study, business plan development, engineering and financial solutions to earthworks, construction, equipment supply and installation – to the actual launch of the project.

Technologies and know-how of ISCO Group

individual concepts with all the necessary special engineering, construction and expert management solutions to optimize production.

Panel of Experts

Our main asset is a team of experts in all areas in which we operate, which allows us to make informed decisions with a full understanding of the long-term consequences and new opportunities.

Executive management solutions for production optimization

from hands-on on-site supervision to ongoing remote 24/7 management by a team of experts in Israel to detect early and proactively prevent any problems before they occur.

Training of local staff

remote online and face-to-face training of local staff, professional supervision, support of local initiatives and ideas, promotion of employment in the region, to give the maximum opportunity to take control and continue to succeed in the long term.

pectin research


ISCO Group invests its resources, for development and further advancement, in projects with an innovative component. Projects that will bring tangible, qualitative changes in human life, as well as improve and protect the habitat area.

Pectin Breakthrough


The discovery of new, revolutionary, not expensive methods:
• purification and desalination,
• waste disposal and recycling,
• alternative, but at the same time effective energy,
• clean and affordable food and nutritional supplements.
Here are some free company development.

Pectin analysis


Constant search for options to optimize the conduct of the company and its parts, using data arrays obtained and accumulated over a long time. Hone management skills – ongoing work in an ever-changing world.

Pectin testing


Long and high-quality testing of products and services of the company corresponds to the slogan – “Improving do no harm”. Equipment and final products are additionally tested and certified in independent laboratories around the world.

We can only build the future of our children together.

The offspring is an imaginary idol for which fanatical worshipers of fame donate to the present generation.

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