was founded in 1999 to promote Israeli companies and their products on the international market.

Currently, the ISCO GROUP Holding Company includes departments and subsidiaries engaged in the following areas:

Technical department – development and implementation of projects for:

      • Development and production of technological equipment for light and food industries.
      • Development of innovative technologies for the production of pectin and deep processing of soybeans, some types of biologically active additives.
      • Design and manufacture of industrial lines for the production of high-quality pectin without the use of strong acids and alcohols, using a unique ultrasonic cavitation technology.
      • Design and manufacture including installation of production lines for deep processing of soybeans.
      • Energy and Saving projects.
      • Alternative energy.
      • Renewable Energy.
      • Industrial powerful innovative generator systems.
      • Complex security projects – security and fire complexes, video surveillance, complex data protection for server rooms.

Advertising department – development and implementation of advertising videos for companies on the Internet.

Transport department – Development of logistics for the delivery of goods and customs clearance.

Financial department – Comprehensive financial optimization.

Reference list – projects on completed large projects in the field of pectin production and deep processing of soybeans.

Download full reference list – Here

The technology and the set of equipment are 95% the same.

The construction of a plant for deep processing of soybeans (Solbar Israel) began in 2001.

Work on the topic of pectin began in 2010.

Production of Pectin, Tannin, Dietary fibers.

2010 -2012 In the technological park of the University of Girona (Spain), research work (R&D) and experimental design work (R&D) were carried out on the topic “Complex processing of peels (obtaining pectin and tannin) from the production of pomegranate juice”.

2012, 2015, 2019 A complete chemical and biological analysis of the raw materials (dry pomegranate peels) was carried out.

2012 Experimental batches of tannin, pectin and dietary fiber were obtained from dry pomegranate peels.

2012 – 2014 Based on the experimental studies carried out on the pilot line of the technological park of the University of Girona (Spain), the technological foundations for the production of dry pomegranate peels were developed using the cavitation technology for the production of tannin (food and pharmaceutical), pectin and dietary fiber.

2012 Obtained quality and safety certificates for the specified products (E-440 pectin and Dietary fiber in accordance with EU directives.

2012 – 2013 Draft regulatory documents (Specifications and Technological Instructions) for the production of these products were developed.

2017 -2019 On the equipment of the pilot line for the processing of pomegranate peels (dry and fresh), experiments were carried out to establish the material balance of all technological stages of obtaining these products. Tests took place in Israel and Spain.

2012, 2017 In the technological laboratory of the Russian companies “Soyuzopttorg” (one of the leading distributors of food ingredients in Russia and the CIS countries, the main supplier of pectin and dietary fiber in the Russian Federation), test tests were carried out on products: pectin and pomegranate dietary fiber and received positive Conclusions on their quality and safety.

2017 Feasibility study completed (Integrated production of Pectin, Tannin and Dietary fiber from pomegranate pomace) for AZNAR (Azerbaijan) (the largest producer of pomegranate juice in the region).

2017 R&D (research and development work) for AZNAR peel drying company.

2018-2019 In the laboratories of Samara State University (SamSU), research was carried out on the technology and quality of pectin. Conclusion received.

2018 CARGILL Inc. (USA) provided consulting support and partial design work on the project of a plant in Brazil with a capacity of 6 thousand tons per year of pectin and dietary fiber.

2018 Consulting support for Andre Pectin (China) and partial design work on the reconstruction of an existing pectin and dietary fiber production plant. From 2018 to today.

Soybean Deep Processing

2002 -2004 Soybean deep processing project – SOLBAR ISRAEL, development of project documentation, construction, installation, start-up of production. The plant has been operating for 18 years. There is a patent for the applied technology for the production of soy isolated protein. Capacity – processing 17 thousand tons per year.

2007-2008 Soybean Deep Processing Project Solbar Ningbo Protein Technology Co., Ltd. (China) Development of project documentation, construction, installation, start-up of production. The plant is still in operation today. Processing 10 thousand tons per year.

2009 -2011 Soybean deep processing project, soybean isolated protein production. CHS, South Sioux City, Nebraska, USA. Development of project documentation, construction, installation, start of production. Processing 10 thousand tons per year.

2019 – 2021 Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty region, Zhanatolab settlement. Plant for deep processing of soybean, production of soybean isolated protein. Customer, Agritech. Productivity – 2.5 thousand tons per year.

2021 – 2022 Designing a plant for deep processing of soybeans, Soyprom company. Preparation of documentation for examination, stage R and RD. Processing 90 thousand tons per year, full cycle.

Works performed in the field of security of facilities and territories.

2006 Project “Safe city”. Northern Nigeria, Jigawa District

Dozens of cameras have been installed throughout the city in Jigawa province in northern Nigeria. Three control rooms were installed: in the police, in the municipal center and in the security departments of the district. The cameras transmit for tens of miles over a wireless range. All cameras are powered by solar energy.

2010 Project “Safe city”. Argentina, Santa Fe. Dozens of cameras were installed throughout the city, fiber optic networks were laid and connected to a technologically advanced control center.

2011 Security systems for the airport and presidential residence of the Congo, Kinshasa

A security system was installed, including: checkpoints, an LPR vehicle identification system, dozens of Full HD video cameras at the presidential residence in Kinshasa, video storage servers. This complex is the most vulnerable area of ​​the Congo airport in terms of security. Official residence of the President of the Congo. Most presidential meetings in the country are held in this complex.

2012 “Gornensky Convent” in Jerusalem. A wireless network has been installed throughout the entire monastery. External and internal chambers in the Cathedral and the Temple. The central guard station in the back rooms of the Abbess’ chambers. Server station in the main Cathedral.

2015-2019  New Airport Ramon – Eilat. A complete set of works on external and internal video surveillance. Fiber-optic communication lines, server rooms, control center. outer perimeter.

ISCO Group is a supplier of rare technologies to various countries of the world:
      1. Technology for processing apples and apple pulp, citrus fruits and their waste, grape pulp, pumpkin, sugar beet pulp into pectin and dietary fiber;

      2. Technology for processing pomegranate peel into pectin, tannin and dietary fiber;

      3. Technology of deep processing of Jerusalem artichoke into medical inulin, pectin, dietary fiber.

      4. Technology of deep processing of Amaranth into Rutin, Amaranthine, Pectin, Protein, Protein -pectin hydrolyzate , Squalene, Amaranth oil, Cake.

      5. Technology for the production of highly refined oils from grape seed, pomegranate seed, technical hemp and other medical cannabis, by supercritical extraction;

      6. Soybean deep processing technology into isolated proteins, soybean oil, HI – PRO meal, lecithin, phosphatide emulsion, dietary fiber.

      7. Technology of deep processing of wheat into native wheat gluten, HPS (42-50 DE), native (modified) starch.

      8. Technology of deep processing of rapeseed into lecithin, stearic acid, glycerin, magnesium stearate, fatty acids.

      9. Technology for the production of concentrated juices BRIX

      10. Production technology, concentrated puree BRIX 36 and above.

ISCO Group provides a full range of services for the creation, organization and construction of turnkey food enterprises using the above technologies:
      • Engineering, design of food production and production lines, in accordance with the requirements of HACCP, FSSC 22000:2013, as well as in accordance with the international standard for the food industry ISO 22000:2005 “Food safety management systems – Requirements for any organization in the food chain” and other ISO requirements.
      • Development of pre-project documentation, including a business plan and financial model;
      • Designing in accordance with the legal framework of the country where the establishment of the enterprise is planned, including support in the examination;
      • Turnkey construction;
      • Purchase of equipment;
      • Installation of equipment;
      • Starting the equipment. Training. Conclusion to production capacity;
      • Enterprise certification and product certification.
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